Re: Changes to Yahoo

Gary Wells

UPDATE  on the new site. 02/10/2016

The Yahoo database has been captured and copied into two files.  

One is a web-based file (readable and searchable in a browser).
One is a .PDF file (readable and searchable in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

The base file is a database converted to pure text, thus removing links and advertisements and large fonts, and highlighting and anything else that would slow a search.

The files are large.  50+ Megabytes each:
     17 Million plus lines of data were indexed (a lot of them are blank, just spaces and carriage returns)
     56 Million characters are included in 25,361 messages.
     Messages are ordered by date, as hey were posted.  I was trying to organize them by topics, bit Yahoo doesn't make sense with those key numbers some time and it looked like a LOT of work to get it sorted.

Yahoo injects a large amount of spurious text into the message base, especially the mess of raw html code that we often have to wade through.  In order to reduce the size of the files and the amount of clutter I might ask for a couple of volunteers to take a portion of the source file (.txt) and work through it to remove a few thousand lines of useless text.  I'll make that plea and set up the methodology on the new board.

I looked briefly (again) into trying to replicate the Yahoo database into the new site but I don't see a ready answer. Still searching....

As far as I'm concerned, the new board at "" is stable and ready for traffic. 

I have about a week in St. Thomas to continue to pipe things over.  I CAN import the current message streams, one at a time, to the new board for continuing dialogue.  It would make sense that if I were to do that I would go back say, a couple of weeks and capture the most active topics and bring them across.
After that I would stand down on any support for Yahoo and focus only on the new board's development.

Ready when you are :)

Gary W.
S/V Adagio, SM 209

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