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Mark Erdos

I just had another thought on this. If I remember correctly, you do not have the full 60 days. Technically the tax is due on the vessel on the first personal use in the state. So, as a GA resident, the moment you sail into GA waters or dock there, you are facing a Use tax bill. You should also be aware that marinas in GA are required to report new leases to the County and State agencies. When we moved our previous boat to GA, we were stunned by the number of tax bills we received from the various agencies. We realized the marina reported the vessel information. It was up to us to then determine to which agency we had to pay tax and from which we were exempt.


This was our soul reason for keeping Cream Puff in FL. As residents of GA we would have been subject to use tax the moment the vessel entered state waters. Consider looking at St. Petersburg FL. It is a beautiful city with a huge sailing community. It is driveable from GA (7.5 hours from Atlanta). Florida has a use tax exemption if you import you vessel into the state once you have owned it for longer than 180 days. The vessel can then be state registered without paying the tax.


St Augustine (San Sebastian River) is another option as is Fernandina Beach (as Kent previously mentioned) are two good Florida locations from GA.


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