Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: What size of anchor Rockna for Maramu.


Hi JP,
I had two nearly disastrous experiences coming unhooked with my old 60lb spade.  Often had to try setting 2-3 times before it set.  I got a Rocna 40kg which fits perfectly on my bow roller and it sets first time, every time.  I've slept easy since then, even when anchored in places with a 2-3 it current that changes direction four times a day.  Maybe just lucky so far but my anchor watch had never showed me dragging.
I'd stay away from the spade.
SM 243

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to those who answered  me,
Ian, Atman, Ric,  thanks for the information you gave me.

difficult to decide, my mind is not definitivly fixed about Rockna or Spade ?

Thanks to all


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