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Warren Traill

Thankyou Olivier for your learned advice

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Hello Warren,

the barrier that AMEL spreads while manufacturing the hull is made of isophtalic polyester resin with 1-2 mm glass scales. It is put just after the gel-coat is spread into the mould.  AMEL started this process in 1987 as some boats made in Europe were starting to get "blisters" on the outside of the hull, under the gel-coat.

However, your Sharki may have never suffered "blistering". Don't use too powerful high pressure machine to wash your hull (maximum 80 bars) as this is a major cause for starting blistering and osmosis.

Good luck for your hull works.


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Great and timely information for us. We are about to take our Sharki out for anti fouling.
Bill do you know if Sharki’s built in 1980 also featured this propriety osmotic coat?
We are hauling out in Malaysia and plan to use Jotun Seaforce 90.
Any comments would be appreciated.
Warren and Zetta
Sharki #15

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I had BeBe hand scraped, then sanded in 2011. The original bottom paint was an International hard paint. There was no barrier coat because it is not needed on your Super Maramu as Amel has a propriety osmotic coat beneath the gelcoat... 

I have always used International Micron 66 or Micron 77. I do not believe Micron 77 is available in the US or any country influenced by what the EPA allows...I have seen it here in Martinique. FYI, the EPA has not approved a single new bottom paint in the last 7 years (politics). Micron 77 is better than 66 because you can take 77 into fresh water...77 becomes inert after too much fresh water.

BeBe 387

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Hi Ian and Judy,
Did he actually use sand or another media?
Fair Winds
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Hi Eric,
We had the bottom of Pen Azen dry sand blasted with a machine operator who was millimetre accurate. When he finished  the gelcoat looked as if it had just come out of the mould. You wouldn't think it had ever been painted.
  We put two layers of clear epoxy on and then we Coppercoated.
Ian and Judy, Pen Azen , SM 302 Greece

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I was thinking of having the bottom of Kimberlite stripped and painted.
I have been using ablative paint for the last 13 years and the bottom is no longer fair, regardless of a number of heavy sandings. Has anyone had their boats bott om and keel media blasted?  Someone mentioned that media blasting will harm the gelcoat.
Also, would you recommend a barrier coat if I have the bottom paint removed to the gelcoat?
Was the original factory paint hard epoxy or ablative paint? What was applied to the keel?
Olivier, what would you recommend?
Fair Winds
Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376

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