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Old subject, new info sought. I have the 60 lph watermaker which over 6 years has delivered over 70,000 litres.( Getting on for 1500 hours) However, armed with my new portable TDS meter I see that the water it is now producing has a TDS reading of 1270. You can just distinguish the taste against bottled water.
For comparison, the Dessalator manual says that sea water typically has 36,000 TDS and that the watermaker should turn out water at 500 TDS. ( it talks of filtering the water to 2%, although strictly 2% would be closer to 720 TDS) .Our shore tap water is about 112, same as bottled water.
We cannot change our membranes until the end of the season ( we are cruising in Argentina and Southern Chile again) so these questions arise:
Assuming we continue to get a reading of about 1270 ( ie about 3.6% residue rather than 2%)
1. What are the safe levels for drinking the water by itself? (It tastes ok at the moment and I ususlly mix it 50-50 with fruit juice)
2. Should there be any doubts that for all other purposes this level is OK? I have no reason to think that for cooking and showering this level is easily refined enough and I would be surprised if it was at all troubling to the washing machine or dishwasher. However, I would be interested in anyone elses view.
3. Assuming that there are no problems at the present level of 1270 TDS, what level would be a cause of concern for drinking?
Thankfully where we are going the heavens deliver ample supplies of water so we have no real concerns in the short term. I am sure I can remember how to rig up a water catchment system.
As always,any views on the subject would be most welcome.
Fair winds and lotsa rain, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Argentina

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