New Amel 54

peterhturner <peterhturner@...>

Hi, I am the owner of a SM 2000 No 403 "Asolare", and I have been
absolutly delighted with her for the 3 1/2 years I have owned her.
I have a new Amel 54 being delivered in June 2007 when I will sell my
SM. My question is to Amel 54 owners as I would very much like to have
thier recommendations as to the selection of the miriad of options
available. I know this is a very "open" question but I would like to
know of options that owners have found very useful, those that are not
on the options list (bearing mind that Amel, of course, make the
perfect yacht!) and perhaps those that have not lived up to
Thank you in anticipation of your kind comments,
Peter Turner

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