Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bottom paint

Herbert Lackner

We made the bottom of KALI MERA last winter in Turkey. All old paint including old epoxy protection above the gelcoat has been sanded down, slow and with caution, horrible job that took a week for 2 guys.  Then we let it dry out for 3 months. 

Then we repaired carefully all areas where the gelcoat had problems (some small cracks…) with Interprime 820, then new osmosis protection international Gelshield 200 5 layers. Then new antifouling international Micron Extra EU.

Keel has been sand-blasted and then immediately coated with epoxy. We used also international products:  first 5 coats international Inter-Prime 820, then one coat international Interprotect and then International Antifouling.

What we learned:


it seemed to be necessary to supervise the whole process, if I would not have been there 100% of the time it would not have been done correct. Neither the waiting times for the products nor correct preparation… would have been done without standing there…  after applying the paint everything looks nice and no one is able to see the problems below…

·         I did read all the product data sheets in detail and insisted that it has been done according to the data sheets. The “skilled specialists” told me fairy tales about how the products have to be used, I asked International and they told me in detail what is important (and they told me that the information of the “specialists” have been completely wrong and would lead to product failure.

·         Special care should be taken when sanding the hull to the gelcoat, watching the whole process was necessary

·         Sanding / Sand-blasting the hull before immediately applying epoxy on the shiny surface has to be supervised.

I have seen the same people that did the work very good on my boat doing the same work with horrible quality on other boats because the owner was not supervising it 100%, but the result in the end looked good (from the outside)

KALI MERA is no in the water again for 10 months, had over 8000 Miles of sailing and the underwater-area looks like new

Fair winds


herbert and tadeja



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