New Amel 54

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

Hello Peter,
Lucky you. I have no idea what the options are but when I went down to
check my boat Bali Hai today I found the a 54 Amadou has just been
moored on the same pontoon and I noticed that the gangplank was
designed to swing around and vanish into a "letterbox". However
because the rope handrail and folding stanchions were not folded the
gangplank could not close the last thirty degrees which looked a bit
The reason for this is that the stanchions etc are mounted on the
portside of the plank whereas it would appear that if they were on the
starboard side the plank would vanish.
I suppose there is some reason why the transom still only has a
moveable centre stanchion instead of half the gap being with fixed
stachion and lifelines so that there is space to mount a cradle for
the liferaft?

Just a thought in envy, John SM319

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