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Dimitris Krasopoulos

Dear All,

The Amel yacht owners group on Facebook, is a tool to exchange photographs, to follow adventures and occasionally to post photographs of technical solutions, improvements and details that every one of us has made to his boat. It is perhaps not as good to describe technical details of various works but it has his own purpose to make the Amel yachtowners more social to meet each other to know where the others are located to find a good beach or restaurant in a particular place that some body else of the group has been before. So there are things that are easier and nicer to be used on a Facebook like environment.  I agree that not many people participate in the discussions perhaps because many Amel owners from USA are not participating in the group which I encourage to do. To make a long story short the usefulness of the Facebook page can not overcome the integration of the yahoo group however the Facebook group serves the purpose to bring us together. Till we find a solution to the issues of indexing the technical information which are contained in the yahoo group we can continue with both.... But everyone can participate in the Amel yacht owners Facebook group and post photos of places, his boat, his adventure. Every one with a phone today can easily post a photo if it is technical or just a nice picture of a place or a detail that needs clarification of an other participant.

Best Regards

Dimitris Krasopoulos

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Ok. Let me field these one at a time:

1. Saying you will never be on Facebook reminds me of people saying they would never get email. Those people are still mailing letters and aren't here.

2. If you have a bandwidth issue, use the mobile version. I hadn't signed on to the browser Facebook in 1 year until today to look at bandwidth. It is high. You can use a browser to sign into mobile. The link is Less videos and graphics and uses minimal bandwidth.

3. When I say searchable, I mean for new owners looking to discuss Amels. Yahoo forums get buried in search results. Content is king and you need new users to produce it. At first glance, the user statics are impressive for this forum. However, there is a low number of unique users. Essentially, a small group of people are posting a lot!

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Amel Yacht Owners on Yahoo is searchable.

BeBe 387

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I agree that we don't need 2 groups. However, the one needs to be searchable. Currently, Amel Yacht Owners is not.

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Dear Jay,

since one year I have developed an amelyacht owners group in Face book with a lot of participants. You can also join if you have not already

It is not wise to have two groups with the same purpose

Best Regards

Dimitris Krasopoulos

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I want to first thank you all for the valuable information you have provided in my relatively short time here. There are some very knowledge people here that provide great input and experience that is invaluable.

That being said, it would be useful to move to a more modern forum - a Facebook Group. Since joining this forum in November, I have received over 1,200 emails from the group. That is great but a huge amount of correspondence to add to my email. Facebook would allow everyone to take part in conversations, send links, pictures, etc. and be notified if there is additional content on the subject.

The new website, www dot amelowners dot net, could be the support mechanism to the conversations taking place on Facebook. You could even link the new website without fear of your message getting rejected. Facebook would allow you to post a question or thought with supporting pictures and documentation. People can then respond with their input and pictures. We would also have a better platform to correspond directly using the PM function.

I am the Chief Client Officer for an IT company and struggle with user acceptance and adoption on a daily basis. There is a "frustration bell curve" to any new solution that needs to be overcome. I know that it may be hard for some of you to transition away from yahoo forums but this is a truly archaic communication platform. Change can be difficult but would benefit this group tremendously in the end.

I have created a Facebook group called Amel Owners - please join it. It is a private group but anybody can join; all you have to do is search for the group name "Amel Owners." Current members approve new members. I do not want the monopoly on admin rights for the group.

I think that once you see the power/capabilties of the Facebook groups you all will be very excited.

I look forward to seeing youu there and please let me know if you need help joing the group or facebook.

Best Regards
S/V Hobo Tiempo currently in Lewes, DE

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