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It is out of date! You can't publish photos toghether with your post meaning you have to leave the message to go to the Albums and when you are there it is a mess to find the photo.
It is possible to search, but since topics changes names and/or topics change subject it is not really easy to find what you are searching for.

On the new platform ( that Gary has set up, you can post a photo to your message and all discussions is kept to that discussion. It also VERY easy to start private discussions (PM) instead of having private things going public.

Also, you put up your profile, with for instance name, boat name, model and number and you don't have to repeat that for every message.
The possibility to keep each model apart is also very handy. What works on an SM2k might not work on a SM or an Sharki ....
Also if you have bowthrust issues, ask your question under that headline. And so on.

Many has already found the new site (, there are already questions to be answered and the old material from Yahoo will be transfered in due time. The work has started.

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Maybe I'm stupid, but what exactly is the problem with the Yahoo group?

It seems to work fine
But just in case some "individual" decides to kill it, I have archived all the messages up to Dec 2015
I think it is a wonderful resource, and i don't believe that not wanting to be on Farcebook is equivalent to not having email.
I don't have Twitter...its for twits...I cannot see its use.....or Instagram or.....any of these other "here for a minute" things....
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