Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: What size of anchor Rockna for Maramu.

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Hi Kent,

I'm afraid it does involve a bit of bending over and my back is also not too good.  So I don't really know an easy way but the way I do it is:

1. I use 10 metres of 10mm chain on the Guardian.  I have to reach along the Rocna to get to the front of it and attach the chain to the Rocna . I then lower the Guardian by lifting it over the railing into the water.

2. When retrieving it, the Rocna comes up all the way in its usual position with the chain hanging over the back of the fluke.  I then attach a 10mm line to the Guardian chain, just in front of where the chain is attached to the Rocna, and bring that line around to the starboard roller to the cleat.  This is a safety precaution because when you unshackle the Guardian chain from the Rocna you could easily drop it.

After that I unshackle the chain from the Rocna and bring the Guardian in on the starboard roller.

It's not back saving but I'm not doing it every day and it certainly feels better at times to have a second anchor out.

Gerhard Hoffmann

Pepino SM381

Evia, Greece

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