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Hi Elja,
It's a long story, but I couldn't get my old Volvo TMD past 2200rpm, spent thousands of dollars on several mechanics, then finally got the AutoProp serial number and was told by Bruntons that it was what they recommended for the 100 HP Yanmar.  My spare fixed prop was also over propped according to a prop shop in Norfolk VA. I had it cut down and repitched to their calculations and voila! 2900rpm.
The AutoProp could not be repitched.  Everyone has said the AutoProp is very sensitive to any growth and has to be serviced regularly to work correctly.  I got a good deal on the MaxProp and have been very happy with it.  When I repowered with the 110HP Yanmar, I was able to repitch the MaxProp by changing the settings and it works fine with the new engine.

I still have the old AutoProp if anyone is interested in buying it.


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Thank you Kent
for the good idea i will try and let's see what happens.

Why did you switch the Autoprp against the Maxprop?

Greetings Elja
SM Baloo # 222

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