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Gary Wells

Michael, and all ..

I kind of watched this whole thing unfold and it's pretty interesting to me. I don't really feel parochial about Yahoo or the forum site as it's been a great opportunity for me to stretch and learn a new 'skill', as it were, hopefully for the ultimate benefit of the group.  I decided to pop up and table the forum idea more as a 'look what else is out there' kind of experiment.

I have tried a few things; some successful and some not so much but it's been fun along the way.  Let me address a couple of concerns you've brought up before moving any further.
The one-man-show part is, at this moment, true.  Were the forum to move to an active mode I would likely solicit another Admin level and at least another Moderator.  The ownership of the group is not something I am after and provided the new forum gets rolling would prefer to have the domain moved to a dedicated server instead of a shared one (the benefit if a shared server right now is .. it's free).

Fragmentation of the threads is more of a problem on Yahoo than on a forum based site.  Yes, there are many sub-sections, but the Yahoo site site provides zero granularity for organizing the comments/posts/replies and supporting documentation.  When you log on to the forum board, all the different categories and boards that have new posts, or replies to current posts have a small "New" attached to them so you would not miss updates regardless of how they were spread across the different boards.  Additionally, right below your login name there is a link to "Show unread posts since last visit." All new messages will be laid out in a single table then.

I don't think I have a place in this particular ongoing discussion, but just proposed the option of the BBS because there was a thread about Yahoo dissolving the Groups support.  I felt, personally, that the information on this board has been so important that I wanted it captured and saved, then I wanted to put forward the option to migrate to something different in the eventuality that Yahoo does indeed pull the plug.

My experience with the Yahoo format has been less than stellar. I do find the searches cumbersome and wading through iPad generated html code which has been replicated with each response to a message if hard on my little phone :)  It's difficult to follow threads because of the 'blob' messaging where each response is basically appended to the existing message as a reply. Having said that, I anxiously look forward to each new email with the group's messages.

I have a lot of experience as a ~member~ of several SMF style forums; motorcycles, RV, airplanes, cruise ships and some gaming support boards.  They all take a bit of adapting to.  

I am ready to support, as much as possible, the group here regardless of what happens.  As a 2 year owner now I am finally feeling able to contribute some low-level experience based knowledge, but my gold is the knowledge of the real experts on these boats.  

I'll post an update on the forum board's status shortly along with a small 'sales pitch' outlining some features available. What I ~don't~ want to do is to ever end up in any kind of discourse that can be considered a "competition" or "grab" of some kind. I am not in competition with anything, I have no hidden politics or ulterior motives. The truth is, this Yahoo format is fine for what it is, change for the sake of change is hardly ever productive, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Having said that, if the group wants to move or if Yahoo makes the decision for us I think there are good options out there and I can help facilitate one of them.

Gary W.
SM 209 Adagio

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