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Jose_Luis Isasi

Dear all,

I have been following the different threads regarding the future of our group and the different proposals from some members.

Firstly, I have to say that I do not plan to close the group. I think this group has certain advantages (but nothing is perfect).

Since I received the management of the group from Closereach (first owner), I have tried to keep the same spirit of gentlemanship among the mates. And I have concentrated in controlling malware activities, and moderating new members, etc.

I do not desire to stop any initiative that may conduct to the greater good. I have not participated however, on any of these activities.

The assets of the group have been free to anyone to read. And it seems that it has been considered that are also free to take. Since I do not feel myself the owner of the knowledge that everybody has shared, I will not complain. Also I like to think that it will benefit all the Amel owners and other sailors. And it can provide an "after-life" to this group if Yahoo finally stops the activity. The possibility to have an independent site would require funding and running it more professionally. So I desire the best to the new pioneers.

But I have to ask now to please stop the "name calling" as someone wisely noted. Since the new groups are so easy to find, also please stop promoting them in public. Not everybody likes it. We can add the links in the links section for everyone to see them.

Best regards

Group Moderator


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