Problem with Ocean Marine davits

Judy Rouse

We have a problem with Ocean Marine davits and our AB dinghy.

We cannot completely secure the dinghy in the davits. The AB dinghy
rises about 12" on the bow. This means when the bow is secure, the
stern still has about a foot to go. The davit fall lines and blocks
rise to the arm from the dinghy at a 45 degree angle per instructions.

We asked Ocean Marine about their optional stainless ratchet straps
which we heard they had supplied to another owner when he had a similar
problem. Ocean Marine seemed to get very defensive stating that they
have never supplied ratchet straps at no charge. They went on to say
the following:

Secure a line to the inside of the stern of the dinghy. Run this line
over the stern and under the dinghy. Use a trucker's hitch to
tighten and secure the line to the vertical cleat on the davit. This
cleat on the davit is in the perfect place for tying. Do the same with
another line from the point on the bow where the painter is
secured…"run this line under the dinghy and tighten to the opposite
site cleat using a trucker's hitch to tighten. It is the trucker's
hitch that makes the difference, but the fender is also needed on the
AB. If you simply tie the dinghy in bow and stern, you have no
mechanical advantage and no way to readjust if the dinghy loses air
pressure due to wind chill at sea. Therefore, the trucker's hitch is
fundamental to succeeding here."

We have an AB and followed their instructions exactly…here is what
we found and reported to them:

· We used a very large fender...11" in diameter---Not really
big enough for a tight fit when the blocks are as tight as they will go
and within 5" of one another. I am hesitant to buy a larger fender as
you know how much that will cost.

· The line that attaches to the stern and attaches with a
trucker's hitch and cleat on the davit rubs the bottom of the inboard

· The line that attaches to the bow and attaches with a
trucker's hitch and cleat on the davit rubs the bottom of the inboard

They responded to the above stating the ratchet straps usually rub
against the tubes and do not work well and "…not to blame a world
class product if you are unwilling to take some responsibility for
solving your tie in issues"

Any suggestions regarding how to secure an AB dinghy with Ocean Marine
davits would be appreciated.

Judy and Bill Rouse


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