Downloads of the Yahoo Group (was: facebook etc.)

Nat Bossett

I will not comment further on the merits of other groups. This is just a
technical comment about making an offline copy, which I find handy when
disconnected from the internet.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 08:24:42AM -0400, Gary Wells [amelyachtowners] wrote:
Actually, downloading and archiving is pretty easy.
Find a program called "PG Offline" (version 4) from a company called
Personal Group Ware.
It worked for me.

You can archive to a database, but I've not been successful at getting
any other database software to make sense of it because a) it's
proprietary software and b)Yahoo is a proprietary format.
The database (.db3 as named by default) is not a proprietary format. It
uses an open source database format and free library called SQLITE,
probably one of the most widespread pieces of software on the planet.

I did copy-paste operations until MS Word cried "uncle" and have been
slowly wading through 9 million plus words from the group,
That sounds painful. Contact me offline if you'd like some help making
sense of it. I've spent some time with it as I maintain a C++ wrapper for
the SQLITE database, if you prefer C++. Or there are plenty
of GUI tools to view/edit them.


Maramu #29

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