for what it's 2 cents

Hi All, 

As most or all of you know this space we have here is very special. I for one am in awe of most of the regular posters here and do not want to give this up. Many of you have at least asked great questions in an intelligent way and I have seen many go out of their way to help strangers that they have not met in person and may never. One of the reasons that we bought an Amel in the first place was that I lurked on this very site for a couple of years before shopping for our boat and was drawn to this helpful community.

That said.. this format is not perfect...some of the posts contain a couple of pages of junk after each post, yes the photo posting is not intuitive, the search works but not as exact as newer systems, and they say Yahoo is going to end it sometime anyway. But I have gotten used to it and learned how to use it and will continue as long as it's here.

Going to a newer type site will be more help in my opinion to the non super maramu owners who are the minority here. A recent example is the Maramu owner asking about anchor size for a 48' Maramu, in the answers there was one 48' reply but the most opinions were from SM owners and even a 54'. When I search for info here on my Older Maramu 48', most of what comes up is SM because as you know amel used the word maramu for both models and while similar most of the facts about the models are different and I have learned to look twice. And yes this is my selfish reason to wish for a change in our format to the more modern one that is more like cruisers forum and has a dedicated Maramu 48 place to ask or answer questions. FB would not be what I would like to use because I don't use it and don't like it but if that is what the majority chooses to use then I would follow and learn the new tricks I suppose. 

We could have a set discussion period with all the discourse and views aired and then vote democratically to stay where we are for now or start working collectively to change. Just my 2 cents...worth only 1...

Peace and Love to all,


Maramu #261 1989 stuck in NYC till the end of the year....

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