Sharp Autopilot - Manuals

Jochen Hofmann <jochen@...>

Hi all,

many of us sailing the seasoned Amels have this great unit onboard.
While I might one day consider replacing the Autopilot Electronics so
I can interface with the Raymarine equipment I had fitted about 2
years ago I definitely want to keep the drive unit "forever" as
nowadays I don't think units that solid are manufactured any longer.

My issue is: I do have a manual, but ONLY for the electronics. Does
anyone have a manual for the drive unit ???? And would be willing to
copy/scan/whatever it and let me have it (of course I'll cover cost
that might be involved) ???? Would feel much safer with one if we go
long-distance cruising early next year.

Also I'd like to know what kind of maintenance do you do to it, what
kind of problems did/do you experience if any.

I put a photo of the unit in the new album (Blue Song - Maramu #143) I
just created in the Pictures section.

Thanks to all and fair winds,

Jochen Hofmann
S/V Blue Song

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