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Hi Bill,

Actually Naval Brass is not stronger than 316 stainless steel. 316 stainless has tensile strength 70 - 75 Ksi, Naval Brass has tensile strength 60 Ksi.

316 stainless is most often used by good manufacturer.

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That outhaul car shackle takes some very heavy loads. If you look at the last photo in Alex's link, you will see the failure in the Amel-modified cross bar on the Antal shackle which came unwelded from the sides of the shackle. 

I believe that Amel modified the shackle from Antal to add strength. In 13 years and around the world, I experienced the mainsail shackle and the mizzen shackle on the Antal outhaul cars fail. It appears to me that at some point Alex's SM replaced the shackle before he bought it with a non-modified shackle. I believe that both shackles are Stainless Steel. It is too bad that they were not chrome-plated bronze, which I believe to be stronger.

I hope this clarification helps you and others.

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It looks like very rare failure. Perhaps the part was defective.  Did any body experience similar failure?

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Looks like its an Antal 4150/d...

Pic posted from catalogue...


BTW you need blocks and dyneema straps as well ...

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