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I use a single backstage for my SSB but have an unused I splayed triatic.  I've debated connecting the triatic to my backstay with got-15 to increase the physical length of the antenna.  Has anyone done this or if not would there be a benefit?

Thanks, Bob
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Hi Dieter,

The stay between my masts-the triatic stay is the one that I use for the Navtex.

I have a whip antenna for my SSB radio however I have seen many Amels that use an insulated backstay as the SSB antenna.

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on my sharki I have two sw antennas:

One is the isolated backstay and the other is the isolated connection between the two masttops.

I wonder why there are two?


And because I am going to change the stays with new ones from ACMO, I am not sure which stay I should

order with isolators. My need is to have one sw antenna for reveiving navtex and whether fax.


Which one should I keep?





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