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Too bad you cannot ask Henri Amel why he did not go with 6VDC batteries. 

I am not an expert by any means, but I always try to stick with the original solutions on a SM because I know the people that made these original selections made them with far more knowledge than I will ever have.

What 6VDC users tell me:
 I have quizzed several 6VDC battery users and have not gotten very much from them in terms of specifics...nothing that I could put is a spreadsheet to compare 6VDC to 12VDC batteries. All I ever get is non-analytical comments, like WalMart has them really cheap, or I just know they are better, or everyone on Cruisers Forum recommends them.

My Unlearned Opinion:
Since the flooded 6VDC is made up of three 2VDC cells and the flooded 12VDC is made up of six 2VDC cells, I believe they are essentially the same. One might think that the advantage my be cost, but since cost is normally directly proportional to raw material costs, labor and overhead; and the amount of raw material (lead or lead calcium) really makes a difference, I really wonder??? Coupled with the fact that machine time, labor time, and overhead should be about the same in manufacturing a 12VDC battery or a 6VDC battery, it is reasonable to assume that you should be able to get more volts and amps for your money with a 12VDC battery. Possibly 6VDC batteries are manufactured for weight and size considerations...and possibly there are 6VDC boat users who made the choice based on what I believe to be a "boater's myth," which is actively defended at places like Cruisers Forum. I guess I have too much experience in manufacturing to have a completely open mind!

Let us all know how your research goes. I am certainly one of the prejudiced people on this subject.

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Thank you all for the responses received thus far. From what has been said till now it certainly looks like there is wisdom in staying with the traditional flooded battery solution in a good brand such as Trojan or Lifeline. I have spent some time looking at the Trojan site which has good information on it, thanks Jonas.

The question now is 12v vs 6v individual batteries? I am interested to hear about the benefits of going 6v rather than the original 12v? Danny and Jonas what was the reason for you both deciding on 6v? 

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We have had AGM high performance batteries, first time the bank was based on 12v AGMs best available at the time 2007. Second attempt to the AGMs was with high performance Golf Cart batteries, 6v. Problems with both attempts was that they aged fast even if they were less than twice bellow 25v. Both sets has been very expensive and the chargers had been set to charge AGM which is a different charge program.
Last change was done 2015, January, when we decided to go back to standard Trojan Golf Cart Led Acid batteries, 6v. They have behave extremly well since and despite that decreased AH with 70 we today have better battery capacity than ever. This taking of the input we have from solar panels and Wind Generator.

The struggle you have to live with is an investment that is far cheaper than AGMs and you have to check the water level every fourth week.

Problems with the Lithium technology is that the demand on the charger unit and additional control units are very high to prevent that temperature on the batteries are going to high. Quality seems also still be a problem.

Talking to sales people is one thing, living with the solution is another. We do have a low current draft on our boat despite having two fridges and one freezer running at all time which make the decision rather easy. We have a 8+1 battery box solution, if you have the twelfe battery box solution you are well of. 
Take a look at the Trojan site at check for their allowed limits on individual batteries,, use that as a quality check regardless of choice of battery type and battery producer.

Jonas on,

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So far that is 2 out of 2 replies for 6v lead acid - interesting ... as I we had heard that a lot of folk have been going back to lead acid now ahead of Gel & AGM.

Will be most interesting to see how this changes as more people respond and what voltage they set their solar/wind controllers to for each type? There have been some conversations on this in the past but interested to get an update as technology has moved on plus if any one has gone to lithium and what their experiences are?

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Hi Colin
We fitted 12 6 volt lead acid golf cart type batteries from west marine in the us in July 2009. Still going well.
We have a 350 watt super wind generator and two 130watt solar panels.
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Our 8 house batteries (2001 SM)  have packed in hence time to replace them all. Before going ahead and purchasing new ones this week we would be most interested in finding out what type other Amel Owners are using for house batteries? Are you using Lead Acid / Gel / AGM / Lithium / Other?

Also what charge voltage are your Solar/wind generators (if you have these)  putting into the various types of batteries?

Thanks in advance

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