Re: Batteries - What type house batteries to use & what voltage charge from Solar/Wind?

Alejandro Paquin

Hello to all,
Our Older Maramu has 4 x 6V flooded deep cycle 190 ah batteries (total 380 ah) manufactured by a company in Venezuela. They are 5 years old and I think are at the end of their life cycle right now. We have 400W of Kyocera solar panels and one new Air X wind generator on the mizzen with a maximum output of 400W, which works quite well in the Caribbean.
The biggest constant draw onboard is a 6 cu ft  Isotherm refrigerator and one 3 cu ft Frigoboat freezer. The lighting is all LED. I believe the stereo, the fresh water pump and the anchor windlass are occasional loads that are handled well by the system.
Alex Paquin
Older Maramu 1981, Hull #94

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