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We are here in Martinique Le Marina du Marin, Pontoon 5.

BeBe 387

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I have joined the new site. Looks good. It is under 'our' control (thanks to the folk who did all that work I could never do!).
The point was that Yahoo might pull the rug. We can't control Facebook and they too could pull the rug.

On a personal note I used to know my way round Facebook, but after so many 'updates' I can't keep up with the changes.

It would be good to 'own' any changes.

Will continue to watch Yahoo and our new site until a decision is required.

PS. I looked for you Bill on Marin last week but you may have been elsewhere in Martinique. I'm in Guadaloupe now leaving tomorrow for Antigua. Sorry I couldn't shake your hand!

Ian 'Ocean Hobo' SN96

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