Changing Water Heater Zinc & Vacuum Bags

john martin <symoondog@...>

Regarding Peter Pappas' saga of changing the zinc in the water heater (taking 4 hours). I did it a little differently. Cut off water and power, took off all eight bolts on the bottom. Water went into the bilge. Took off 2 straps holding the tank, picked up the tank to top of engine room while helper pulled out heating elements. Helper puts on the new zinc. I clean out the tank on dock, getting 1/2 lb of rust out. Take tank back aboard, lower into engine room, re-install the heating units and put on bolts and straps. Total time 1 hour. I left the hoses and wire all connected.

If anyone needs more space in your lockers you can try vacuum packing clothes and even sails using your vacuum cleaner). It is amazing how much space is saved. You can buy most of the bag sizes at Target but can also order the jumbo bags on the web (Space Bags). I put my mizzen ballooner (still in its bag) in the jumbo size and squeezed the 2' x 3' bag down to 5 inches thickness. For the main ballooner I took it out of the bag, folded it up and then vacuum bagged it to a thickness of about 8 inches. It can be done so easily you can do it after every use. I also vacuum packed 3 dufflebags into a very small bundle.

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