Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Batteries - What type house batteries to use & what voltage charge from Solar/Wind?

Germain Jean-Pierre <jgermain@...>

We have all LED incl deck lights, engine room, NAV lights.  

We bought from boatlamps dot co dot uk.  Good quality and stock.

Jean-Pierre Germain
Eleuthera SM007

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Thank you to all again for such good advice so quickly. We will get all the measurements, prices and stock availability over the next couple days. One other factor is that we had the 12v lead acid setup before so all the connector are already there in place to re-use (and copy for non-experts like ourselves), however we are now leaning towards the 6v option based on this discussion, and Bill's last comment, but will look at the total price, quality & availability of all options before a final decision.

Next question (in a separate topic) will be on finding a good source for LED lights to fit into out SM2000 (2001) existing fittings? We just have not been able to get suitable ones in Australia so looking for an internet purchase source and stock number. Our internal lights are our most major power draw each evening and we are now finding these not bright enough to read easily at night. Changing that will truly transform our consumption and hopefully give us a 100% non-plug in boat most of the time with only occasional generator use.

Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II, Amel 53 #332

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