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Thanks for the info. Would appreciate Dominique's recommendation on

Fair Winds,

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We discovered that the fresh water tank coating is flaking on our
Mango. Has anyone refinished their fresh water tanks?

What was the process and where did you find the FDA approved


Annie and John on Annie M. (Mango #1)
A few years ago while in Martinique, I had my fuel tank ( on my
boat) redone by a worker who was using as finishing coat, a white
epoxy finishing resin (it looks like gel coat, but it is air
which he stated was also used to refinish repaired water tanks in
French charter catamarans which often have cracks after a Atlantic
crossing. I was advised this resin is commonly used to finish water
tanks in new boats. The epoxy finishing resins seems to be readily
available in Martinique from fiberglass and resin suppliers... If
necessary I could find the tel no of a friend (Dominique Rousselot)
who is a Marine Surveyor in Martinique, who possibly could give you
the name of the product. I am presently in Andalousia, Spain,
preparing for a crossing, i would have to look up for Dominique's


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