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I had an inverter and 110 VAC circuits added to my '82 Mango. Running
the 110 VAC things was beating up the batteries badly. Constantly adding water
and eventually failing batteries. So I had the 220 VAC split, like in your
home, and powered the 110 VAC circuites off the 220 VAC 60 cycle shore power.
Took a new, slick and expensive VAC panel but worth it. When away from the
dock, I use the inverter and batteries. The 220 VAC appliances I inherited with
the boat work fine on 220 VAC 60 cycle but run at 17% faster than on 50 cycle
[vaccume cleaner, coffee maker, etc.] so they heat up faster and higher. So
far no problem. Yes, as long as your computer and printer have a CE
cetificate on the product they run fine on either 110 VAC 60 cycle or 220 VAC 60 cycle
without problems, you do need an adapter which does not have a common ground
circuit. That does make me nervious. I never leave those on overnight, just
in case.

"Windrush," Mango No.29

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