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koutsoukos Nikos

Hi john
I believe you ll do a fine job.
Just remember to let the paint cure and ventilate the tank until resin odour disappears.In case after all your water smells I ll give you another recipe.


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Captain Nick,

Thanks for the very helpful reference. The other issue is surface
preparation. Was advised by a marine surveyor in Houston (Mike
Firestone) to water blast the tank with a media such as walnut shells
prior to application of the resin.

Will advise all of success of process.


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> Hallo I am Nick and owner of a kirk i am master mariner and
sailing atanker at the moment in north sea ,I suggest what we use in
the ships ,a heavy duty one as follows.
> A good coating of a well known company is INTERNATIONAL :
> Surface preperation :sand paper or grinding ,cleaning.
> Dry film thikness (dft 125 microns about two coatings with
roller),touch dry at 25deg C 5 hrs ,overcoating at same temp. min
8hrs max 30 days
> Thinner GTA 420.
> To avoid unpleasent odors in the water later let it dy well.
> rgds
> cpt.Nick
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> Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Water Tank Refinishing
> We discovered that the fresh water tank coating is flaking on our
> Mango. Has anyone refinished their fresh water tanks?
> What was the process and where did you find the FDA approved
> Regards,
> Annie and John on Annie M. (Mango #1)

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