Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Batteries - What type house batteries to use & what voltage charge from Solar/Wind?

Barry Connor

Hi Ian,
We am thinking of solar panels for our 54. Had not thought of pivoting them on the back rails.
Could you send a photo of yours on the back rail.
Thank's and Best

Barry & Penelope
'Lady Penelope II'
AMEL 54 

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I would second John's advice. We fitted one either side on the rails. They pivot out of the way easily to walk by, and they also pivot easily to direct at right angles to the sun. I only fitted 75 watt panels when 100 watt ones would have been about perfect. But we have no freezer.

Still, at anchor it takes two days for the batteries to drop to 82%. Then I just boost them up with the generator.

On the rail you can also wash the salt off them and keep the glass clean easily.


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