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michael grunstein <mgrunstein2002@...>

Judy, I am in touch with Air, Water & Ice re the
membranes and they are telling me that you bought the
SW3-2540 membranes. Can you please confirm to me that
your watermaker actually is the Dessalator D60.
Thanks, Michael SM #345

--- Judy <> wrote:

We bought the Film-Tec membranes from Air, Water &
Ice in FL; think the
cost was about $179 each. TDS meter was about $40
but don't remember
name of company. I think Gary Silver made a posting
on this group site
about the Film-Tec membranes. You could try
searching for that.

BTW, the first few seconds of product water tests at
TDS levels
exceeding 4,000, even with our new membranes. We
discard the product
water until it tests about 150 before adding any to
our tank. This can
take 5 to 10 minutes before acceptable water is

S/V Security
SM2 #387

--- In, michael
<mgrunstein2002@...> wrote:

The watermaker performance on my boat seems to be
yours before you replaced the membranes. My
is the Dessalator D60, and I am interested to know
where you bought the membranes, the TDS meter and
their cost.
Thank you,

Michael Grunstein, S/V Yonita #345

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