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What kind of solid data do you want Bill? We might be able to provide you with it.

A wind generator can not replace solar panels, it is a complement.

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Wind generators may be a good thing with winds of 20kts, but Have you looked at historical data...there is not anyplace in the world that I would cruise to that has a constant 20kts of wind.

In fact, there is no solid data that wind generators are as good of value in terms of KwH/$ as solar. I have tried for 10 years to get solid data from anyone who has wind generators. I have not received one bit of solid historical data in order to build a comparison/value model for wind, solar and diesel generator. It seems to me the best that I get is something like "last weekend when the wind was blowing and it was cloudy, my wind generator provided all I needed. OTH, there is solid historical data on solar. BTW, I did build a a comparison/value model for solar vs diesel generator...and the results are least to me.

If money is no object buy both; if you are like me, you will choose one of them...choose wisely.


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Hi Kent.  Usually once a day unless there us no no sun or wind With good wind 20 knots plus not at all.
We have just had a month on the boat cruising.  We may have used it 10 times in total ,if that. However we did a bit of motoring so that charged too 
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Thanks for the feedback.  Danny, with your solar and wind, how often do you run your generator while cruising?

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Hi Kent
Because I wasn't prepared go cross oceans relying on diesel power for l my charging.  So we put a wind
Generator and solar tpanels on. Be a use of shortage of time  and cash we put two 130 watt panels on the port rail beside the aft cabin.  These swivel.readily when docking  I promised myself  to do something else if they were a nuisance there
They have not been and I have no reason to change.
We put a 350 watt super wind self feathering wind Gen on top of the mizzen.  Perfect,

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