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Hmmm, that's odd.  If I turn the switch (on the panel) to AUTO, it always starts with a yellow light, which changes to green after 2 minutes.  If I turn the switch to MANUAL, it comes on yellow and stays yellow.

You say your pump isn't coming on at all?  I had the start solenoid stick a few years ago. Check for voltage to the motor and the start solenoid on top of the motor.  If you have power to the solenoid but not the motor, tap on the solenoid with a small wrench or screwdriver handle.  If there's no power to the solenoid, and the red light is coming on, I'd check the pressure switch.  I think you can disconnect the pressure switch and see if it works, check with Mark at Great Waters about that.
If the red light doesn't come on, it could still be the pressure switch, but with the change in the yellow/green lights, I'd be starting to suspect the control board.  It's in a box on the back of the galley panel.

If your motor is coming on but not producing pressure, try priming with fresh water as I described in the last post.

Good luck.  Let us know what you find.

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Hi Kent

Thanks for this. Mark is the source for the end caps so I could connect with him. It seems weird that the failure is not directly connected to the end cap replacement I did unless I have blown something up. I will add your strategies to the list of things I am going to try.

Another nuance. After letting it sit for a while, I turn the switch on and get the yellow light. I turn it off and then back on, I get the green light.

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