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Hi Ian:

I have the same water maker - and did this rebuilt last year. Mark suggested to change the filter elements as well, which is what we did. Oh, and I had the motor serviced.
Everything works perfect.

Before doing this, I think one of the filters was plugged up and developed quite a resistance - so very little water was being produced and the unit cut out every so often .
Good luck.

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Hi Ian,
I had to rebuild my high pressure pump a few months ago.  It was running but didn't generate any pressure.
When I put it all back together, it cut off within seconds and the red light on the galley panel came on.  If I shut it off, then back on, the same thing happened.  That red light indicates high pressure, even though there was no pressure in the system. It may also indicate other faults, I don't know???

I replaced the pressure switch behind the panel with a new one from Great Waters in Maine (talk to Mark Fruehof), and the pump came on and stayed on, but no pressure developed.
I then turned the hi pressure pump on with the flush valve open and the fresh water pump running to prime the high pressure pump.  I finally got water flowing and could feel a lot of bubbles going through the high pressure line to the membranes.  When I couldn't feel any more bubbles, I opened the intake valve to sea water and everything seemed to work fine...until the pressure got up to just below the green zone, and it cut the pump off again, with the red light showing on the panel.

The new switch is supposed to be set to shut the pump off at 70 bar, but mine wasn't properly adjusted.  If you take the cap off of the new switch, you will see a screw that you can turn clockwise to increase or counterclockwise to decrease the cutoff pressure.  It took me three times in the cockpit locker to get it right and now everything works well again.
I don't know if the switch could be cleaned with something to get salt or mineral deposits out of it, but that's a possibility.
Hope that helps.  If it's not clear, I'll try again.

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  • OK, you did not remove the membranes. Correct?
  • You had to disconnect the hoses on the end caps, but you did not list that as a step? Are you sure they are back in the same place?
  • Did you use O rings on the end caps?
  • Did you use silicone on the O rings?
  • Do you have more that 1 tube, if so, did you separate the tubes and do anything with the interconnect bobbin? AND, its O ring?
  • When you flush do you see any pressure on the much?
Without really knowing anymore and without answers to the above questions, here are my guesses of the possibilities in the order of highest first:
  1. Maybe there is air in the pump and/or in the tubes.
  2. Maybe you reconnected the hoses incorrectly. Remember, water from the center of the tube is product water, water to the outside is saltwater.
  3. Maybe a circuit breaker on the control board is OPEN
  4. Maybe you have a pump failure
  5. Maybe there is blockage on the input or output.
That is the best I can do for you with limited information. Let me know if any of this helps.

Good Luck!

BeBe 387

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Hi Bill. Its a 24V unit. Here is what I have done, Following the instructions from the forum, I replaced the end caps and reassembled everything as before. The panel is in the galley so I went to switch it on just like I do every time I use it. It started to pump but then cut out. I tried to prime it using the fresh water rinse but it still would not pump. I disconnected wires, cleaned up the connections and reconnected. I disconnected the hose from the low pressure pump to the first membrane to ensure water was getting through and it is. I have tried permutations and combinations of opening/closing the high pressure regulator, opening/closing the valve that releases test water to a hose near the sink, opening/closing the fresh water rinse, turning on/off the unit itself. When I switch the unit on, I get the green light about good water quality but that is it.

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