Paul Osterberg

I have problem to understand how the 24 v grounding system is arranged. (I’m not very experienced with advanced boat electrics as my previous boats has been much smaller and less complex)

1.     1. I have the ground strap that goes to one of the keel bolts in the grey water sump, where numerous of ground cables are connected.

2.      2. I have two sintered plates on the skeg, I do not know if they are both connected to each other but assume so as they are very close and almost in contact.


3.     3. There is a copper strip on the starboard side of after lazaret, which I assume is connected to the sintered plates on the skeg, Should it be a similar copper strip on the port side? Can’t find any but could be behind the gas locker.

4.     4. Behind the chart table I have a large yellow and green cable that is connected to the “BLU” terminal, together with a few other smaller yellow and green cables.  When disconnecting the ground cable from the “BLU” terminal, I can measure that it is connected to the copper strap in the lazaret. But it has even when disconnected with the “BLU” terminal contact with the ground strap in the grey water sump??? Should it be like that? 

         5. If I Permanently disconnect the Large cable from the copper strip on the “BLU” terminal do I need to put a ground cable from the engine room to the “BLU” terminal for the other ground cables that are attached to the “BLU” terminal

5.      6. I have in the engine room 4 yellow and green more heavy duty cables such as the one the “BLU” terminal behind the chart table, one of them goes after on Port side, but I have not yet been able to trace where, could that go to the after lazaret and be connected with the sintered plates?

6.      I need to separate the sintered plates on the skeg from the rest of the grounding system to have them as grounding for my SSB that I trying to install. But I can’t find out how.

All help is very appreciated


Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259


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