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Kent & Ian, I installed the same arch last year before heading to the Caribbean and it performed very well. We hoisted a 10,5 rib with 18 hp. outboard . We have three solar panels , a wind gen.,lights and wifi installed on it. I also added a diagonal . It only took about three hours to install and cost me about $1,200. It does come out of New Jersey and the company is Atlantic Towers . They ship it in a box in three parts which bolt together , has articulating mounts.
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Kent, the company is in New Jersey I believe and they already have the measurements for the SM. Pretty straightforward to install. It took me two days. We have a 9 foot RIB and a 9.8hp 2~stroke outboard. I will lift both when at anchor but prefer to island hop with the outboard on the rail. I put the dinghy on the aft deck for longer passages.So far, with about 3000 bluewater miles experience with it, we are satisfied. I have added a cross rail for lateral support (does not come with the arch itself). Also, I will be installing a light gauge wire mizzen masthead stay that will split to each top corner of the arch to protect against any shocks. 

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