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Glad you're making progress, Paul.  I haven't looked into the connection from the SSB plates yet.  Does anyone else know how the antenna system is connected to the ground plates?
Paul, have you found the stud behind the nav station where other bonding wires are attached?  Make sure that your BLU wire to the ground plate doesn't go through that.

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Hello again Kent!
Did some late night work and tanks to your input I found the wire from the zink and connected that to the bilge ground strap, so now there is no resistance between the Zink and the rudder post or the zink and the prop shaft everything seams to be alright, but still with the BLU disconnected at the chart table it is still full contact between the cooper strap in the aft lazaret and the ground strap and bye that also the zink. So still not solved my original problem! to get the sintered plates disconnected from the zink. But know much more about the ground system and can now label a few wires, which i did not know where they went

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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