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Patrick McAneny

Mike, If the reason to remove then replace the gutter is largely to allow you to paint the rub rail , then I want to say that we painted our rail without removing the gutter . I started at one end pried the edge up, pushed a thin line under it maybe 1/8 or 3/16 , along the entire length, it held the gutter up and out of the way ,allowing me to paint a little under it. Just to make you feel good, its going to snow a couple inches up here tomorrow , but then be in the low seventies next week, strange weather.

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Hi Mike:

We've had ours done last year = no problem, except it's still short.

s/v Atman SM215

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What has been the relative success rate in removing and reinstalling the rubber gutter on the top of the rub rail.  Do they lose their elasticity and become too stiff to reinstall. And at what age was it when this was successfully or unsuccessfully done. Our 15 year old gutter has shrunk about an inch (at the stern). We would like to remove it to paint the rub rail, and then reinstall. Perhaps an impossible mission.
Mike Ondra
Aletes SM#240

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