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Craig Briggs

Hi Antonio,
Yes, the covers on the furling motors do become rigid after many years and very difficult to remove or replace. I cracked one a few years back and Amel was able to replace at a surprisingly reasonable cost.  I did not try to find them elsewhere. You didn't say where you are, but if you are in Europe it should be easy to work with Amel.
I do not know the motor manufacturer but it is not Bonfiglioli. As to the brushes, I would suggest you wait until you get the cover off and inspect them. With the very short and intermittent time that the motors are actually run there is very little wear on the brushes even over many years and you will probably find they are hardly worn at all.  You can simply clean up the commutator, reassemble and you'll be good for many more years. 
As to removing the covers, I found just gently prying around the edges with a smooth edged tool, squirting some lubricant into the gap and pulling and wiggling forcefully eventually worked. Be patient. New ones, of course, are supple and easy to work with.
By the way, although you didn't mention it as a problem, the Bonfiglioli "reductores" are readily available at about $300. If you haven't done so, do add Zerk fittings to yours so you can grease them for longer life. (See several discussions in this forum.)
Good luck with it.
Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris, Florida

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Hi guys,
first year working on my Santorin, some questions: I want change the brush in the electric engine mounted on the boom and mast.
Impossible remove the white cover without breaking, my gearbox is bonfiglioli. Do you know if the engine is bonfiglioli too and where I can order spare parts including the covers ?
Santorin n*108

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