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Hello Craig
I like your wordings :-)
Take the mast down, bend it back so it is straight.
I'm wondering how you will do that ?

You have something invented in the US to do that. Let me know that is interessting :-)
Good sailing, and don't take that to serious
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Hello Enio,

You may want to reread Joel's earlier post about tuning the masts independently, starting with the main. You should consider the triatic to be part of the mizzen and ignore it until you get the main straight and tight. Beyond that it is a little difficult to understand what the problem is. Have you tried slacking all the stays and seeing if the mast is straight? 
If it is straight with no tension on the stays, you should be able to keep it so as you tension the stays in the order Joel specified. Keep the triatic slack (by loosening the mizzen backs) until you are done with the main.
If it is still bent with all stays loose, perhaps it was bent by a yard at some point when it was off the boat (just guessing) - take it down and bend it back so it is straight. 
Let us know how you make out.
Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris, Flo rida
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Yes, and 'wath i'm doing, but becomes to loose the triatic, which has a fixed lenght, and the main mast seems to bend at the lower spreads. This also tightening the lower shrouds aft..........Thanks. Enio 

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