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Dan Wilcox

HI All.  I recently had to replace both gearboxes on my Super Maramu and had both Cima motors refurbished.  The secret to the white plastic sock is heat.  You can use a hair drier or better yet a heat gun and warm it up.  It then turns semi pliable and will slip on or off with no damage from prying.  Good Luck.

Thanks, Dan
s/v Feierabend
1992 Super Maramu # 86

On Friday, March 4, 2016 8:14 AM, davidlambertsen wrote:

On my Maramu #258,  the 12 volt main mast furler motors are made by Cima in Italy, but are no longer available.  Best to keep fixing what you have.  Amel can supply a LeRoy Sommers replacement, if needed.
The Bonfiglioli gearboxes actually call for gear oil, not grease, but I still think the grease nipple is a good idea.

Bonfiglioli gearboxes are easily available from Drivetech Automation in Sunrise Florida.  Contact Mitch Silverman at "msilverman at "drivetechonline" dot "com".  He is very responsive.

David Lambertsen
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1989 Maramu 258

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