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ianjenkins1946 <>

Hi Michael, I now need to replace my D60 membranes. What was the reference for your replacements? Did you get them from AirIce and waht did they charge for two?
Fair winds, Ian Jenkins, Pen Azen, Ushuaia

From: michael grunstein <>
Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: TDS levels
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 08:06:20 -0800 (PST)

Thanks Judy, I found the membranes to fit the D60 and
I have thaken the assembly apart before. So thanks
again for taking the time to respond, Michael

--- Judy <> wrote:

I believe the D60 is different from our model. Our
model is the
Dessalator 160 which is the 240 volt 50 hz, 160
liter/hour watermaker.

The membranes we purchased from Air Water and Ice
are SW30-2540.
These are 2.5" x 40"

Before you do anything study the photo section on
this website for
the watermaker and membrane tubes and some very
detailed instructions
in a posting both done by Gary Silver, a SM2 owner.

I believe you can measure your membrane tubes to
determine if they
are about 2.75" outside diameter (2.5' inside
diameter) and about 40"
long between the end caps.

We recommend ordering a complete set of O rings for
the end caps and
for the high pressure fittings (3 ---1 an
interconnect bobbin between
the two tubes and two raw water inlet fittings) from
Amel or
Dessalator before you start the job...also you will
find postings on
this website for O ring sizes if you want to buy
generic O rings.

We not only needed a few O rings, but also had to
replace 2 end caps
(the seats in the end caps for the interconnect
bobbin were in bad
shape from high pressure leakage)...we elected to
replace all 4 end

Bill & Judy Rouse
S/V Security
SM2 #387

--- In, michael
<mgrunstein2002@...> wrote:

Judy, I am in touch with Air, Water & Ice re the
membranes and they are telling me that you bought
SW3-2540 membranes. Can you please confirm to me
your watermaker actually is the Dessalator D60.
Thanks, Michael SM #345

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