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Eric Freedman

I decided to not use Zerk grease  fittings on my gearboxes. I drilled and tapped the genoa and main gearboxes with a 5 mm tap. On one side of the box the hole is high the other side is low.

I then use nylon screws to seal off the holes. They will never rust or corrode.

I use an adapter that fits my grease gun from Autoprop which is 5 mm.


By putting grease in the lower hole and catching the old grease from the higher hole, I can tell when the box is full of new grease. In addition I do not have to worry about blowing the lip seal out of the gearbox.

You can also see that you have new grease and no water in the gearbox

Fair Winds


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Hi Vladimir,

On the Santorin and, I believe, some SM's, the gearbox is a Bonfiglioli Model VF44 with configuration P1 70 P63 B14 B3.  That's a 70:1 reduction.  On SM's I believe Amel also used Leroy Somer products.  And, yes, these are standard worm gear reducing gearboxes - or riductori in Italian (I think).

Cheers, Craig SN68 Sangaris

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for good information.
Do you know Bofiglioli gear box part number for the gearbox that was modified for Amel application? Do you know the gearbox ratio? It is most likly warm gear box.


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Bonfiglioli specifies Shell Tivela S 320 or equivalent. They consider this gearbox to be "permanently lubricated" (hence no oil fill ports). 

They also design to a much different application with thousands of hours of running in a clean environment without regular dousing of sea water. Because heat is no issue for us and it needs to fit inside the mast, Amel removed the cooling fins, which you need to do if you replace it. Amel also used a different motor and drilled new mounting holes for it, and added delrin spacers.  

So, imho, the common sense recommendations on this db to add grease fittings and lubricate regularly with a high quality marine grease are what you should do. 

What are the conflicting recommendations have you gotten?

Why did yours crack? Are you fixing it or replacing it?

Cheers, Craig SN68 Sangaris

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Hi, Which is the manufacturer's recommended lub for the furling gear boxes and its thickness? my gearbox has cracked and I seep getting conflicting recommendations fro 'experts'.


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