Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Installation problem for stainless steel cast mixing elbow for YANMAR engine 4JH3


I bought the same mixing elbow as all of you. But it has thick mounting flange 12 mm and mounting pins on my engine were not long sufficiently to accommodate thick flange. Fabricated elbow has 6 mm flange. 

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I did not see what engine you have, BUT, the one I bought from an eBay supplier was a simple installation and perfect fit on my 100hp Yanmar 4JH3-HTE, and several other Yanmar models owned by non-Amel friends who have the 56hp, 75hp, and 110hp Yanmar.


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Hi Eric,

You are correct. That is also a solution. I will try to do that on Monday.

I wrote my original email as a warning to those who has this cast elbow. It is not just simple replacement.

Did anybody use liquid gasket in addition to a metal one for installation of new mixing elbow?

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Why don’t you take the elbow to a machine ship and have them mill off 6 mm of the flange?

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This is additional information on the thread related to cast stainless steel mixing elbow.

Cast stainless mixing elbow is much better part at very good price. I was very happy when I bought one. But today I tried to install it and I couldn't. Cast part has much  thicker mounting flange. YANMAR mixing elbow has 6 mm thick flange. Cast elbow flange is 12 mm thick. In some cases effective pin length is too short to accomodate thick flange. Pin replacement is risky because corroded pin can easily break.

On my engine the elbow was leaking and one pin corroded so bad that the threads which  protruded from the nut are no longer usful.  I can install fabricated flange without a  problem, but I can't  use cast elbow with thick flange.  I am in Guadeloupe now and I have to fix my engine ASAP.  I have to evaluate my option now. I can grind off part of the flange to 6 mm thick. Or I can buy fabricated elbow that has 6 mm thick flange.  Pin replacement is not an option for me now. Most likely pin beaks if I try to remove it.

I have a question. Should I use liquid gasket in addition to the steel gasket that is normally used for this application? I believe that liquid high temperature gasket should improve sealing.

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