Things Recently Learned:Outboard engines, Dinghy, & NMEA connections

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We replaced the dinghy and dinghy motor last moth. We originally had an AB 3.2 Aluminum and a 15hp Mercury 2-stroke.

We bought a upcoming brand of dinghy: 3D and a Honda 10hp 4-stroke, which weighs more than the aluminum-bottom 3D 3.1m dinghy.

Our problem started to manifest themselves as soon as we tried to lift the Honda engine onto the aft outside engine mount on BeBe. The "universal" lifting harness would not fit. After many hours and lots of modifications and additions of webbing, it works...sort-of. Then I tried to put the Honda 10hp in the aft will not fit. The biggest issue in not fitting is that the control arm on the Mercury rotated 180 degrees from the "in-use" position to the "store it in the Lazarette" position. The Honda rotates only 90 degrees and WILL NOT FIT.

The other issue is with the 3D 3.1m dinghy. It has all sorts of stuff that gets in the way when lifting it vertically with the tops of the pontoons against the life rail. Paddles mounted on top of the pontoon! Why would the French do this...this is where you sit! I removed the paddles from their oarlocks and then the oarlocks are a problem. I removed all of the oarlock that I could remove without "loosing air," and it is still a problem, but works. 3D has an alternate place to mount the paddles on the inside of the pontoon, but, with the really nice storage box option offered by 3D, the paddles are too long to mount there...I shortened the paddles so that they now mount on the inside of the pontoon.

My next issue this week was connecting NMEA to the Raymarine autopilot. There are two places that you can do this. NMEA IN on the course computer and NMEA IN on the 7001+ control head. The issue is that if you connect multiple talkers through a multiplexer, Raymarine will on listen to 1 of the talkers. Also, NMEA IN on the course computer will not deliver Depth to one of the 7001+ display pages. For the 7001+ to display Depth, it must receive that NMEA INput directly, not through the course computer. The troubleshooting on this is lengthy and frustrating. Rather than 1 NMEA wire from a multiplexer with inputs from B&G and GPS, I think I will have to run 2 NMEA wires. B&G to the 7001+...then GPS to the course computer.

Other than those issues, things are great...we hosted 3 other Amel couples on BeBe while in Le Marin, Martinique. It was great meeting each of them.

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