Re: Solar Energy System

Duane Siegfri


Thanks for your reply.  I agree with you about Cruisers Forum in general.

I saw the comment here several months ago that angle to the sun isn't a large factor anymore.  However on all the sizing programs there is a reduction in efficiency (larger in higher latitudes) for mounting the panel horizontal.  I haven't seen any discussion in Kyocera's literature about the angle of the panel being countered by the panel construction.

I found an article that had the following graph to demonstrate the impact of tilt (angle from Horizontal) "Iann" is the "annual incident solar radiation on a surface" for a panel oriented due south.


  Based on the graph, in Miami tilt doesn't have much impact, so a fixed mount may be just as well.  Also the recommended tilt angle is less in lower latitudes.  The swivel pole mount I found was over $500 each (not including the pole) so it's a pricey add, and probably not worth it. 

What got me started on the pole mount is that we have a stainless pole on the aft stbd quarter now supporting a Thrane Sailor 250 sat phone.  The Thrane is too pricey a monthly fee for me so I can use the pole for something else.  I also don't like having the panels along the rail, too prone to cause injury and not very aesthetic.

Wanderer, SM#477

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