Volvo Penta Alarms and Idiot Lights

Gary Wells

Well, the panel holding the tach, key swicth and stuff like that was looking a little ratty (and cracked) so I found a replacement and swapped it out.  Not too hard of a job, and a bit revealing about the 'oh-man-that's-a-huge-bunch-of-wires' concept there at that location.

A couple of the light bulbs were fried so I replaced them (I couldn't find any potential candidates for LED replacements, but maybe at a later date ...) and it got me to wondering about a couple of things;

When we were crossing to the Caribbean we had a blockage in the heat exchanger (Volvo TMD22) and the water temp gradually started to rise.  It was good that I/we noticed it creeping up and we had to shut down and let it cool off a couple of times so I could set out to troubleshoot it (of course, this was during three days of total doldrums...)

I don't know what the alarm temperature should be and since the bulbs were burnt out we never saw a 'trouble' light come on. Nor did the alarm yell at us (thinking back, I guess I'm thankful for that).  Nevertheless, does anyone know at what water temperature the light and alarm should come on?


Our motor usually runs at about 180-190 degrees (f) and will warm up to just over 200 when we push it hard for awhile.  My car-engine days say that a system that's pressurized to about 15psi should be safe at 220 or 225 without risking anything, (but we shut down before that).  

So, I'm just trying to learn a bit more about the bundle of wires back there and see if I should be chasing things a bit deeper.  Thanks in advance!

Gary W.

AM 209 "Adagio"

Martinique ... where they can fix anything ... 

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