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Hi Hanspeter,    In 2010, in England, I think it cost us about £4,500. However, that included hauling, storing, sandblasting and Coppercoating. The work is all in the preparation, not least on the iron keel. Actually applying the Coppercoat is very simple as it's a water based paint that  is applied by rollers and can be overcoated quickly. Many people do this themselves with good results. The most important thing is to have two people when applying, one to keep mixing small quantities ( to keep the copper content in suspension) while the other uses the roller.

Wives can be very useful!

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Greece

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Hello Ian 
How much cost the cuppercoat application for a Super Maramu?
On a clean boat ?
Best regards
Hanspeter, SM16,Tamango 2

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 Hi Bill,

 Well, that's a first ! not heard of any other supplier who has had that problem. Nor we, now in our sixth year. It's not perfect, but for us it has saved us endless sandings , fillings and paintings, to say nothing of hauling charges. There are many recorded instances of people using it happily in all waters for ten years and more.

I guess that, as with all paint jobs, fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

   There are at least 50,000 boats worldwide, including many commercial ( oil service vessels etc,) and multimillion dollar yachts who use Coppercoat.  If you google  Coppercoat you can read of  issues that people have raised, but actually extraordinarily few.

 Up with the Coppercoaters!

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Preveza Greece

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As some of you know I am prejudiced against Coppercoat because of the experiences of others that I know and what I have seen. I am also prejudiced against Coppercoat and any other product that makes claims of endurance 2-4 times the normal range.

I received this from a Canadian Professor (Chemistry PhD) and active cruiser to the Med, Caribbean, Pacific, Indian, South Africa, and North America:

"There was a discussion about Coppercoat some time ago and I said that
we had it for 3 years and were happy with it. Well, I just want to
post an update:

We've noticed bubbles on our Coppercoat. There were a few, but then
regularly more and more started appearing all over the place. We were
sure that it was because of unprofessional application of Coppercoat
back in South Africa.

We've just hauled out at a yard who used to be a Coppercoat supplier.
It turns out that our issue with bubbles is not unique, but rather a
byproduct of Coppercoat design. They said that the issue is with the
primer being solvent-based and Coppercoat being water-based. If
Coppercoat is applied even on slightly not-cured epoxy primer, then
the primer will off gas resulting in bubbles. On the other hand if
Coppercoat is applied to the dry primer it won't be able to adhere
well resulting in larger areas falling off. That's why this yard
stopped distributing and applying Coppercoat.

So now we're up to redoing the bottom paint including epoxy primer
frown emoticon. There is a quite new large Catana next to us that also
had to strip falling off Coppercoat. An expensive lesson in chemistry,

I thought that you Coppercoat believers should know and be aware of this.

BeBe 387
Rodney Bay Marina for a week

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