EMEK solar arch.


Hello Gang,

We've been polishing the SS and the gantry for dinghy/solar array was part of the works.

While polishing the plate welded under the electrical connections, we were surprized to find much water and salt accumulation.  As the area is not reachable, I rinsed thoroughly, poured in lots of vinegar and removed much of the rusty residue.

You may want to check the security of the nuts holding the panels to the gantry; all of ours were loose.

To prevent reoccurrence of the problem, I drilled 15 drain holes.  You may want to do this on your vessel if you have the EMEK gantry.

Don't try it with anything but Cobalt bits.  I burnt out 2 X 5 MM bits ... this is tough SS...



Eleuthera, SM 007

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