Re: Shower in the after lazaret

No. 350 has both a showerhead (with the same Grohe Grohtherm 1000 [34 624] temperature thermostat/mixer as the showers below decks) and a selectable fresh water/salt water wash down outlet in the starboard lazarette/cubbyhole.

The wash down hose, which is the standard Amel green reel, reaches both the bow and aft of the boat.  So we used it once in Lettuce Lake (Fla.) to take fresh water showers in the aft area.  Unheated, of course.

Since the showerhead hose does not reach the aft area, one guest took a hot shower on the starboard deck, midway between the cockpit and the aft area.  

We have never played with the hose connections, but certainly one could connect the Grohe thermostat outlet to the green reel to the showered hose?  This way hot showers could be taken in the aft area.


SM2K No. 350
docked at Reial Club Maritim

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