Re: Stuffing box

Alan Leslie

We had this problem on the way to Tahiti in 2014. The leak practically flooded the aft cabin and the water ended up in the compartment under the floor just outside the aft head. The gland was repacked by a local guy who managed to strip the thread on the nylon nut and it still leaked. I managed to stop it by taking everything apart, removing one piece of packing (there are 3) and putting in some small diam rope so I could get the nut further down on the thread. That worked and lasted until New Zealand where I bought some new packing (3/8") and a new nut from Amel and now it doesn't leak at all. I used the PVC pipe I use for the c-drive seals to push the packing down into the stuffing was an easy job.
Elyse SM437

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